Tattva / Nyepi – random comments on Hinduism


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I randomly came across some Sanskrit text which got me curious and I started to scratch the surface of a culture / religion / world that I know nothing about. After visiting Bali this year I caught my first tastes, smells and sights of Hindu culture having experienced the Balinese Hindu New Year – Nyepi and all of its associated festivities…notably Melasti (or Mekiyis / Melis ) and the Ogoh-Ogoh parades (part of Tawur Kesanga on New Year’s eve), both of which feature heavily in my Bali gallery. There is a nice summary of the festivals on indo.com here. Nyepi itself is a wonderful day of serenity, where people are forbidden to leave their homes and to make noise.

Bali - Melasti Festival

So my mind started wondering toward these things and, being a huge fan many years back, thought of some Kula Shaker lyrics such as:

  • “Tattva, acintya bheda bheda Tattva …”

The latter praising Krsna (or Krishna) and the former meaning something along the lines of:

Same same, but different

Slightly more eloquently would be:

“simultaneous oneness and difference”

Which, according to one source is about:
“Though we come in various forms and though we are all individuals, we all come from the same source, we are made of the same material/substance, but we are very much different from each other physically. The same is true for everything in nature.

As for “Tattva”, tattva means reality, principle, and truth. It can be thought of as an awakening, when one realizes that there is more to life than what he sees through his eyes.”

I just thought that was great!

Buggslife website developing nicely…galleries


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I have been working on a few aspects of my Buggslife.com website which is now online but still in early development stages. The main focus of the site is the photo galleries.

At the moment I have 3 sample galleries up:

The latter covers almost everything from weddings to music gigs, macro insects to panoramic landscapes, sunrise, sunset, street graffiti and everything inbetween. A lot of focus will be on nature including wildlife and countryside with a slant toward travel photo journalism.

I intend to add more and more galleries throughout this summer so keep checking back and enjoy.

Great Anglo-Portuguese Wedding


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What an event…a setting…day…just been best man (o padrihno) at a big wedding at the main catholic cathedral in central Lisbon, a Se, and enjoyed a treat of a special occasion.

Will put the photos in a gallery soon…everything just clicked into place…here’s the bride taken over the shoulder of the father of the groom:

Bride - Portugal Wedding Lisboa

Wedding Bride

See the rest of the wedding photos here.

A British Bank Holiday w/e on Anglesey


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The idea of this blog is to write about anything and everything that I get up to or ponder – usually accompanied by a related photo. I spent the past bank holiday weekend with the missus and friends camping on the island of Anglesey, Wales in glorious sunshine…albeit in a chilly northerly breeze.

Porth Wen - buggslife

Porth Wen - secluded cove in north Anglesey, Wales.

On a tip we discovered this fantastic cover – Porth Wen – the site of an old silica firebricks manufacturer right by the sea. It’s all ruins nowadays but provides a stunning setting with contrasting man-made monuments and natural beauty with the clearest water and cutest of small beaches. It definitely hiked up my already growing love for Anglesey…