Classic Bent South American Filth


Posted by admin | Posted in Drinking, Peru, Police, South America, Travel | Posted on 23-09-2006

As well as visiting some of the coolest sites I’ve ever seen recently, we also went out the other friday night as most other nights – restaurant, local licors – and ended up in a cool club with a circular balcony looking over the dancefloor. Chatted with a few randoms (you always get approached by curious locals in the more remote towns with few gringos) including a big group of coppers out on a bender for their captain’s birthday! They were sound enough even though whilst drinking with them one was quite keen to offer us any type of ancient artefact you could think of. His pride and joy was a pure gold necklace of Inca origin that he “got” (assume confiscated) off a grave robber, which work all over the country especially in the areas we’ve been recently.

We didn’t show too much interest and managed to move onto the next subject everytime – not wanting a free long-term tour of a south american prison – but classic that they probably have hordes of this stuff tucked away earning them a decent 2nd wage.

As I said, these filth were actually sound and real friendly and the other 7 or so guys were just having a laugh and not on a sales pitch. Twas a good night but agony early the next morning when we had a 3 1/2 hour drive up winding mountain rough dirt track roads…