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Nunce había ni oido hablar de esta “violación correctiva” antes de recibir el correo-e de Avaaz.

A leirlo me asustó tanto el tema que no lo creí completemente y tuve que buscar más info en la red.   No costó mucho encontrar suficiente para no dudar más.   Firmé la petición y Usted puedo hacer lo mismo aquí.

Se encontrará más en artículos por todo el internet como este del periódico inglés The Telegraph.

Me parece que tiene bastante importancia y si solo una persona encuentra la petición por mi blog, pues bastará.

Photo Poem: “Pencil to Paper”


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“Pencil to Paper”.

A new photo-poem written on a lazy Sunday February 2011.


Berries or Aggregate Fruits?


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True berries include grapes, cranberries and bananas but, confusingly, not raspberries, blackberries and strawberries!  Blackberries and Raspberries are referred to as Aggregate Fruits and the tiny hairs on their outside are remnants of stigmas and styles…well, now you know!

Sad, I know, but I had a debate about berries recently and trawled the net to answer the questions.  I can imagine some other geeky soul doing the same some time and finding this summary!

Nature Photographs


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Many more nature images have now been added to the galleries over at Buggslife Photography.  All photographs are taken by photographer David Bugg who specialises in nature, wildlife, landscape and travel.

Go take a look.

Rate 10 Photos at Buggslife!


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Just launched a new project on buggslife photography – in short I am looking for people to rate a set of 10 photos – I’ll then compare results after 4 weeks or so…

So please go ahead and give your opinions here!

Photo Ratings

On a geeky techy side I am using a star rating system from that lets you customise colour etc of 5 stars and stores results using a javascript widget…

Shikoku Haiku


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Here is a Haiku (with photo) that I jotted down whilst in Japan in 2003:

Shikoku Haiku.

It’s the western version of a Haiku really, using syllables and not a seasonal theme rather than the traditional Japanese that uses 17 moras (sounds but close enough to syllables for me).

First Spanish Photo Poem


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A Despertarse.

Over on the other side arm of is Photo Poems at Buggslife.

Poema con Foto ya en el sitio web

This last poem is my first entry in Spanish with another to follow soon plus an old poem in German I’ll be entering.

Everything else is in English for now…

Photo Poem: “New”


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Photo Poem: “New”.

This poem is one of a group I wrote in 2000 whilst living in Munich, Germany.

During that great and, in some ways, defining year I also spent a fair amount of time alone and did a lot of thinking for a 20 year old…

Photo Poem: “Sparse”


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Photo Poem: “Sparse”.

One of many new poems now up.


Photos of Children


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Inspired by the Milestones Project that I glimpsed at Manchester Airport last night I have just added a new gallery to buggslife photography:


It will update itself automatically as new content is added to the database…

Canoeing & Wild Camping in Scotland


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The wilderness was calling and, paddle in hand, we trekked up to the central highlands of Scotland for a few days over the August bank holiday weekend 2010. Seven of us had originally planned to paddle 3 days over the Balquhidder route (loch Doine, Voil and Lubnaig) and down the river Teith (after bypassing Leny Falls of course).
However, 2 dropped out and canoe hire fell through and the opportunity arose to paddle loch and river Tay instead.

The river Tay is one of the most paddled rivers in Scotland so I won’t bother sharing intricate details on that part but I’ll share some of the trip.

Beach on Loch Tay

So, 5 of us hired out 2 canoes from Loch Tay Highland Lodge on the north shore just a few miles on from Killin.  Arriving mid evening we had time to strap all the kit in and head west a short distance to an ideal beach for camping. Set up camp, got the fire going and a heavy session on beers followed. Despite the perfect combination of plenty of ale and being knackered from the long drive up I barely slept…turns out both of the guys I was sharing the tent with have a major snoring issue. This, of course continued to be theme the whole trip…

Camp Fire

Each marker in the map below shows a feature such as a place we camped or stopped for lunch etc – ideal little beaches heading east along the long loch Tay.  I hope they come in handy for someone:

Once you reach Kenmore at the end of the loch you can treat yourself to a pint by the river and even stock up on food supplies in the little shop. From here on you’ll meet lots of small rapids (mostly grade 2 when we were there but touches of 2/3) on the way to Aberfeldy.

Kenmore on Tay

This is as far as we paddled but, of course, beyond this you’ve got the SCA canoe slalom course which is too much of a handful for us in our open canoes – especially with 3 on one boat (a touch top heavy!).

I’ve sprinkled the post with a few photos from the trip – you can see many more Canadian Canoe shots in these galleries at Or even click here for all photos from this particular trip.

River Tay

The main problem when trying to photograph on a canoe trip like this is, of course, water. To get around this I did two things:

  1. I bought an underwater camera (Canon Powershot D10)
  2. I packed my DSLR (Olympus E-3) really well – firstly I stuffed my entire camera bag (itself well padded) into a plastic barrel with sealed lid. Then, just to be sure, I fit the barrel inside a huge drybag. This was strapped into the canoe protecting from knocks and water in the event of capsize.

So most shots were taken with the compact – hence the average/poor quality.

Canoe Camping BeachIf you have stumbled across this page whilst frantically trying to organise you own multi-day canoe camping trip then I hope this helps. It’s only a matter of time before I return to do the intended Balquhidder route and will post after that too…

“New Photos” Galleries up…


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Buggslife Photography now has a section of photo galleries especially for new fresh material. The New Photos galleries are up and display albums for new shots (taken in past few months) as well as recently added and also any new albums from all other categories.

The galleries will automatically populate themselves so it’s a handy place to check back from time to time.

Main Site gets a Face-Lift


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The main site front page has had a new face-lift now (as of September 2010) with a lick of paint and some improved structure.

Main parts of the site can be reached by the banners beneath the revolving main pic and new photos can be accessed by one of the fluffy clouds.

Buggslife Photography

Photo Poems


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I’ve started up a new project combining Poems with Photos. At the moment I’ll use my own poems until my back-log runs out…the first 3 are now up at

Olympus Lens: Primes – Olympus 50mm f/2 Zuiko Digital Macro (Tested) –!


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I feel I should apologise for getting technical but I cannot resist sometimes…this is a technical review / test of my favourite lens, a 50mm prime at SLRGear.

Olympus Lens: Primes – Olympus 50mm f/2 Zuiko Digital Macro (Tested) –!.

Results are superb.  I recently bought an Extension Tube (Olympus EX-25) which I’ll be testing on the 50mm soon and will post results…

Shortlisted in Photo Comp


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I was happy to hear I have had a photo shortlisted in a competition. It’s run by Photobox and is called:
‘Around the World in 80 days competition’.

They have had around 28,000 entries and mine appears among 50 shortlisted within the category ‘Europe: Living’. You can see the images via this link – mine is captioned Portugal and is in the bottom left corner, one up from the very bottom.

Winners are not announced until this Friday – to be fair, there are other good photos in there but it was interesting to get noticed all the same.