Update from: Patagonia


Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 30-04-2006

We’ve covered a hell of a lot of ground now having passed back up through Argentinian Patagonia and just crossed into Chile the other day.

This picture says a few things about Patagonia…

Long straight roads, vastness and broken windscreens! I only noticed one which wasn’t broken so far. Most are so knackered up it’s mad. This one is typical and is from the top deck of a bus we took.

What the pic doesn’t say is how incredibly big and deep blue the skies here have been.

Oh yeah, a new hitch-hiking experience. We had some more success last week hitchin from Perito Moreno to the nearest town 60km away. On the way there Clare got the comfort and warmth of a front seat and I got the open bit of a big pick up. Twas cool to have 360 degrees views. I loved it but was lucky I had my hardcore snowboard jacket and snowboard gloves on me as the Patagonian wind was icy as!

Nice town too – Los Antiguos – on a river and huge lake.

On the way back a cool well chilled dude gave us a lift in his car, chatting about clubbing in England and stuff.

Since then we left the comfort of our own pad and are in fantastic surroundings in Chile. This current town – Coyhaique – has mountainess views on all sides which are cool as they all have patches of forest of different autumnal colours.

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