Catch of the day!


Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 26-05-2006

The cool spiner thing pays dividends!! My investment of maybe 3 quid for a blue bait thing (like a spinner but not metal) and fishing line has helped me to my first catch along with providing some excuses to idle away good time by nice rivers and lakes. After the excitment of the first proper ‘bite’ last week I caught a nice brown trout from a boat in one of my favourite places so far. A tranquil, beautiful setting with a village of 12 houses on the river bank where it seems to rain almost constantly.

adj. idler, idlest
v. intr.
1 a. Pass time without working or while avoiding work.
1 b. Avoiding work or employment; lazy: shiftless, idle youth. (See Synonyms at lazy).
2 a. To move lazily and without purpose.

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