Life’s great


Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 08-09-2006

All’s good over here. Had a great time seeing Inca and pre-inca ruins including the awesome Machu Picchu last week. Really impressive countryside too all around the region. Cusco, the main base city for most of the big sites, is so unbelievably touristy. I expected a lot but it’s pretty ridiculous. The thing is that the city is actually stunning, full of quality buildings and cool streets along the lines of Bath or York. Just that touts come up to you all the time selling something or other. Out in the country though it was great – villages just as historical and real friendly.

We flew over the Nazca lines too the other day! Really fascinating figures of animals and shapes. The whole terrain is covered with lines as there’s virtually no rain or anything to wash them away so you’re looking at all these car tracks then suddenly you see a condor figure or a monkey with a spiral tail! Loved it. The plane was a 4 seater – I was damn close to chucking up at points. The other girl in the front seat spewed a fair amount but we managed to keep it all down…

So, as I said, all’s good. Off to see some Penguins tomorrow unless they’re b*ggered off! Quite a few times in this trip so far we planned to see penguins only to miss them or have something come up and stop us…

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