The Camera Saga


Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 25-09-2006

I’m guessing you know that my camera was stolen a few months back. Well, this is the ever so exciting tale of it’s replacement…

I decided that I liked the stolen camera so much that I wanted the same one. This particular camera is not available in South America, the brand (Ricoh) isn’t sold here at all. When I was in Paraguay (towards the end of the world cup) I ordered a new one with all the extras to my parents’ address. My lovely helpful Mum and Dad then packed it all up and sent it to the La Paz (capital of Bolivia) main post office.

Me and Clare were ambling our way across Bolivia planning to arrive in La Paz about 2 weeks after the camera was due to arrive. When we got there, on schedule, the camera hadn’t arrived. So after a few days in La Paz we went off to Lake Titicaca and spent about 4 or 5 fantastic days there. I then popped back to La Paz (about 4-5 hours journey inc. a boat crossing) to find that the Bolivia National Post Service had been on strike for the past 4 days. Looking at all the options and not trusting Bolivian organisation – the strike was officially on its final day – I decided best that we go off and travel round Peru. Of course knowing that at some point I’d have to trek back.

Soon after the delivery company in England let us know that the package had only just left the UK due to the terrorist problems. They did however say they guaranteed 26 days which meant it would arrive by 24th September…still reading? No, didn’t think so…

Well, I’ve just done more than half the trek back. I left northern Peru Thursday night and, after several different buses and types of taxis taking me across much of the length of Peru, I got to the post office at 5:10pm yesterday (Saturday). So 43 hours journey in all, not bad…and…Hurrraaaaay, the camera was there!

So a big night out last night and a pre-midday start today and I’m back in Peru but the connections haven’t been as ideal as before so I’m in a town on Lake Titicaca and hope to get back to the beach where Clare is taking it ever so easy by Wed night. Once I’ve trekked back up most of Peru, we then rush off up the entire length of Ecuador to start the volunteer projects…I knew there had to be a mild down-side to travelling at some point!

So, expect pictures again very soon!!

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