Update from: The Equator


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Ecuador’s a real varied country from what I can tell and I’ve only seen a corner of it so far!

Quito’s cool and I’m enjoying doing some voluntary work in a centre where kids (5-16 years old) come outside of school hours. Don’t worry though, I’m not working hard! We tend to play basketball, football, dance, cook, I help with their homework – mainly their English – and other random things like today I taught two girls to play a bit of guitar.

Just to emphasize that I’m not working toooo hard I’ll tell you that after the first week I decided to take a week off and travelled around the north east of the country for 9 days which included some stunning countrysides of cloud forest where I saw loads of waterfalls, hummingbirds, various other brightly coloured birds and heard the howling of a troop of Howler Monkeys echo through a valley. I also briefly swam in a lovely, wild, caiman infested lake.

After that sort of scenery it was off towards the coast where I sampled some truly fantastic food (the general South American food isn’t great but this was damn good) including lovely shrimp and prawns and fish dishes (one in particular in a fresh coconut sauce). Spent a good few days in the mangrove region in a tiny community, chilling a lot on a hammock watching the fishing boats pass, crazy kids play and supping on beers.

The mangroves were all new to me and real interesting but not the most beautiful of areas since there’s plenty of mud and insects but impressive to see.

One of the biggest shocks was that the community had a club! Furthermore, it was fooookin awesome! Definitely in my top 5 favourite clubs in the world. A very mad night was had for a local’s birthday.

That’s about it right now. If all goes to plan we’re both off to the Amazon Jungle in two weeks for 1 month! (For the attentive of you, the original plan whereby I should already be in the jungle fell through so shuffled things round).

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