Expanding south…


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Although Ormskirk will always be where the soul of this project was forged, the OBC has ventured south and is currently setting itself up in Swindon.

Our aim is to be the first real ale brewing company in Old Town.

Watch this space…

Fruit Wines and Funky Ginger Beers!


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Over at the Craft Beer and Country Wine brewery the Ormskirk Brewing Company has been working on some exciting new ideas…

For your next big party you now have the option of ordering in funky alternative drinks whether organic, foraged or from fruits straight from the tree.

See the official website for full details or their ‘behind the scenes’ laboratory for the ins and outs!

The Ormskirk Brewing Company Ltd.


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In Nov 2011 Pulp Fusion Craft Wines and Ales was incorporated within The Ormskirk Brewing Company – a local winery and nano-brewery with a contemporary take on classic recipes and products.

Pulp Fusion – Nano Winery & Brewery in Ormskirk


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Earlier in 2011 I started Pulp Fusion where I am gradually up-scaling from my homebrew hobby into a small business providing Natural & Locally Crafted Country Wines & Real Ale.

The focus is on new craft wines such as Elderflower Sparkling and table wines such as Rhubarb.  Rather than go into detail here you’re best off visiting my Pulp Fusion website by clicking here.

Keep an eye out at local Farmers Markets or similar events.

“Pulp Fusion Craft Wines – There’s more to wine then grapes.”

Pendle Hedgerow Wine


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A special country wine has recently emerged from the Brew Centre…

Pendle Hedgerow Wine is made from fruits sourced from the Ormskirk area and includes:

  • Elderberries
  • Rosehips
  • Blackberries
  • Rhubarb

Three versions of the wine were created, one Dry at 12.7% vol and one sweet at 14% vol – both of which are bottled and have had 6 months conditioning.  The third is a special batch that has been batch maturing for over a year and will be ready in 2012.

Cannot wait…

Rhubarb Wine


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A genuine classic.

This was started during my early days of homebrew adventures and provided a strong motivation to keep going.

It is made from organic ingredients:

  • Rhubarb
  • Damson Plums
  • Lemon Juice.

The Rhubarb was grown in my own garden and the plums were local.  A lot of love and care went into this early wine and, luckily, it paid dividends.

With a pale, clear pink colour and an ever so smooth taste this country wine is a tad too easy to drink at 10.3 % vol.  Indeed in the early days many a bottle was finished before a secret stock was hidden away for future generations.  This stock is now back and ready for a lucky few…