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Did you know you can personalise your QR Code?

The QR code is a 2D barcode that can link people direct to your website. Try scanning the image below and it should pop up with my Buggslife.com URL:

Personalised / Personalized QR Code

Buggslife QR Code

You just need a barcode scanner which you can get as an app on your smart phone. I use the app “Barcode Scanner” based on the open source ZXing Barcode Library on my HTC Desire S phone.

Anyway, to personalise your QR code just open the image in any editing software (e.g. Photoshop) and you can change the central portion. Be careful with the edges and don’t cover up the corners as they are critical. Then test it out.

A nice touch to an otherwise dull looking black and white square.

Rate 10 Photos at Buggslife!


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Just launched a new project on buggslife photography –┬áin short I am looking for people to rate a set of 10 photos – I’ll then compare results after 4 weeks or so…

So please go ahead and give your opinions here!

Photo Ratings

On a geeky techy side I am using a star rating system from Addrating.com that lets you customise colour etc of 5 stars and stores results using a javascript widget…

Photos of Children


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Inspired by the Milestones Project that I glimpsed at Manchester Airport last night I have just added a new gallery to buggslife photography:


It will update itself automatically as new content is added to the database…

“New Photos” Galleries up…


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Buggslife Photography now has a section of photo galleries especially for new fresh material. The New Photos galleries are up and display albums for new shots (taken in past few months) as well as recently added and also any new albums from all other categories.

The galleries will automatically populate themselves so it’s a handy place to check back from time to time.

Main Site gets a Face-Lift


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The main site front page has had a new face-lift now (as of September 2010) with a lick of paint and some improved structure.

Main parts of the site can be reached by the banners beneath the revolving main pic and new photos can be accessed by one of the fluffy clouds.

Buggslife Photography

Secret Garden Gathering gig


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Took a few shots at a mate’s gig last night at Zanzibar, Liverpool.

Here’s one, the rest are up on buggslife.com – click the photo:


Secret Garden Gathering gig - Zanzibar, 31st July 2010.

I have just managed to assign music to a slideshow for the first time! If you load this gig slideshow it should start up with a track from the band that they only recorded in the studio 8 days ago!

I like it when modern technology works like this.

For any tecchies – I am building my photo galleries using SlideshowPro for Lightroom along with Director, which uses an SQL database (hosted on my host server) to store and manage the images.

Photo Galleries Taking Shape


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I have put a lot of work into building the site now coding it all from pretty much scratch in html and css, it would have been a much quicker job if not for IE6!

Anyway, the new system to host galleries and to populate them with photos is now up and running (using slideshowpro plug-in for lightroom 3 & SSP director) and I have designed a new gateway page to access them here.

From now on the photo slideshows will just keep growing and increasing in number as I update them from the past several years worth of shots.